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A case of malpractice in the form of an error in establishing a diagnosis occurs when the doctor reaches an erroneous conclusion about the disease from which the patient suffers. Due to the fact that in this country there is no analysis and statistics in this regard 7.5% of the total number of patients is victims of this form of medical malpractice. Choosing the best lawyers is important there. The medical malpractice lawyer is there to help you out. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, contact Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. for a free consultation.

The Causes Of This Type Of Medical Malpractice

There are several reasons why a doctor may misdiagnose a patient and it is not always the doctor’s fault:

Lack Of Information: Although he has the obligation, the patient does not provide the doctor with complete or correct information regarding his medical history. If the doctor is not informed about all the symptoms that the patient is suffering from then he may not be able to diagnose the patient’s disease correctly. The best and the most educated lawyer can actually make you come up with the best deal.

Multiple Doctors: When a patient is treated or consulted by several doctors there may be deficiencies in communication between them. When a doctor deals with only part of the patient’s illness and does not communicate effectively with other doctors especially in the case of multidisciplinary teams then errors may occur in establishing the diagnosis.

Inertia In Establishing The Diagnosis: If the first doctor who examines the patient does not perform a complete and correct examination then the other doctors who will be based on his conclusions will be wrong in their turn. The most common case is when the first doctor is also the one who misinterprets the tomography (CT) images and the following doctors establish treatments and diagnoses based on the misinterpretation made by the first doctor.

Lack Of Tests Or Misinterpretation Of Results: A diagnosis can be wrong due to the lack of diligence of the doctor who does not order the performance of relevant tests according to existing protocols or misinterprets the result.  The use of the law firm comes perfectly there.


After your doctor consults and establishes the diagnosis, ask for a differential diagnosis. The differential diagnosis is a diagnostic stage in which the presumptive diagnosis is compared with the clinical and para-clinical pictures of other diseases with similar symptoms.

Make A List: Not necessarily in the sense of writing the symptoms on paper (although it would be advisable) but when you talk to your doctor start describing your symptoms from top to bottom that is, from head to toe. Do not forget to inform him about the time coordinates of the onset of symptoms and their duration. As long as you do not provide correct and complete information, you cannot expect the doctor to establish a correct diagnosis the doctor is a professional and not a fortune teller. Choose the best law firms for the solutions of such problems.

Medical History: When you meet a doctor for the first time, don’t forget to give him a short history of your medical problems both diseases (allergies, surgeries, etc.) and prescribed treatments. The best attorneys are here for your support.

Medical Tests: Many diagnostic errors occur due to the fact that the doctor fails to analyze the results of medical tests performed or misinterprets them. Do not forget to request a copy of the results of the medical tests (it is the patient’s right according to law 46or2003). Moreover, if you have tests performed in the past, do not forget to offer them to the doctor who consults you so that he can form a correct image of your health.

Don’t Avoid Google: After the doctor makes a diagnosis, you can find out about the established disease using online resources. Google cannot replace a visit to the doctor! Do not diagnose and treat yourself using online resources. For the personal option, this is important.

Get A Second Medical Opinion: You have the right to be consulted by another doctor to get a new medical opinion on your diagnosis. There is no question of distrust in the attending physician and he has no reason to be offended if you ask for a second opinion.

Repeat The Analyzes: If you have the slightest doubt about the correctness of the analyzes performed, do not hesitate to repeat them. So go for the search lawyers’ personal find the solutions.

Communication: The most important aspect of the doctor-patient relationship is the full and sincere communication between the 2 parts of the medical relationship. Provide complete information about yourself and ask for answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

No one knows the patient’s body except himself and the more information you give the doctor, the better the chance that he will correctly diagnose the disease you are suffering from and prescribe effective treatment. Have the best legal supports now.

What Is The Procedure For Reporting A Malpractice Case?

To report a case of malpractice, the patient can notify:

  • Commission for monitoring and professional competence for cases of malpractice within the Public Health Directorate;
  • The administration of the health unit, for a liability based on the Labor Code;
  • College of Physicians, for disciplinary liability;
  • Prosecutor’s Office, for criminal liability, based on the Criminal Code;
  • The court, for civil liability, based on the Civil Code.

In case of notification to the prosecutor’s office or the court regarding the professional error, the patient or his family can demand material or moral damages. The best legal help is underway there.


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