Typhoid Fever(see Fever also)

1st Stage( Time of invasion )

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(doses)
Weakness,mild delirium;pain head;back,and limbs;worse by motion;tongue whitish coated;lips dry and parched;with or without thirst for water in large quantities at a time;constipation,restless sleep,full of dreams of business,urine scanty and highly coloured Bryonia alb.6 or 30 3 hourly
Extreme muscular and nervous prostration with desire to lie down;drowsiness,general trembling,muscles refused to obey the will;little or no thirst,stools normal;urine profuse;drooping of eye-lids Gelsemium 6 or 30 3 hourly
Prostration and soreness as if bruised;patient falls asleep while answering;stupid,besotted,drunken expression;tongue coated with well defined streak down the middle;at first white and soon turns brown with red edges;stools loose,body parts feel as if scattered;tosses around to get together;profuse,scanty,dark and offensive urine Baptisia Q or 30 3 hourly
Diarrhoea;tongue dry as a board,red triangular at the tip;delirium and stupor with muttering;restlessness;better by motion,patient toss and changes position Rhus tox.6 or 30 3 hourly
Chilliness yet can't bear to be in a close room;tongue white,no thirst;weeps easily;menses retarded(usually for women) Pulsatilla 30 4 hourly
High fever with bright red face;chilly,desires to be covered properly;nervous,sensitive,irritable easily(usually for men) Nux vomica 6 or 30 4 hourly
Stupid,indifferent,apathetic condition;lies still on back;does not want to talk;painless diarrhoea;yellowish or whitish,watery stools with distension of the abdomen with rumbling(usually a remedy for married man) Acid-phos.6 or 30 4 hourly
Apathetic;depressed;sleeps while answering;stupor;bruised feeling,bed feels hard Arnica 6 or 30 3 hourly

2nd Stage( In severe cases )

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(doses)
Muttering;stupor,almost complete insensibility;sleeps with mouth open,dry,red or dark tongue,trembles and catches on to the lower teeth;stools offensive;if haemorrhage,it is of dark decomposed blood,as of flakes of charred straw;can not tolerate anything about the throat or chest;sleep aggravates Lachesis 30 3 hourly
Prostration;power of life greatly exhausted;restlessness and anxiety,constants movements of head and limbs,while trunk lies still due to weakness;tongue either dry,red,cracked or black,and stiff;excessive thirst for little water at a time but at frequent intervals;burning in stomach,watery,brownish or bloody offensive stools,worse at mid night Arsenic alb.30 1/2 hourly
Stage of collapse;prostration,torpor,dissolution of blood,paralytic conditions;face deathly pale,sunken,cold;there may be haemorrhage from nose,mouth or anus;abdomen distented rumbling and gurgling of wind,cadaverous involuntary diarrhoea;rattling in chest,filled with mucous;circulation weak,blood stagnates in the capillaries with cyanotic blueness of face,lips and tongue,cold sweat;desires to constant fanning to get more oxygen Carbo veg.30(China follows Carbo veg.) 1/2 hourly
due to weakness the patient constantly slides down in the bed;with moaning and groaning;lower jaw dropped;tongue greatly shrunken,leathery;paralysed pulse,intermitting every third beat;involuntary blood stools Acid-mur.30 3 hourly
Fetidness of all exertion and secretions;pulse out of all proportion to temperature;tongue red,like raw beef,fiery red Pyrogenium 6 or 30 1/2 hourly(3)