Applicable for following symptoms

Irritable,goes into a rage over triffles.
Persistent frontal headache.
Progressive diminution of sight with central scotoma.
Desire for sweets and thirst for cold water.Nausea worse riding in a car.Marked flatus in abdomen.
Enuresis in weak children.Urine smells of violets,burning along the urethra,increase of uric acid in urine.
Difficult expectoration and burning in the pharynx.
Weak,frequent pulse,with an inability to lie down.
Rheumatic arthritis with a tendency to obesity.Peeling of skin in lower limbs.Cold extremities.Aching pain.Oedema of legs.Trembling of limbs and entire body.
Psoriasis - first stage.Browny swelling.Swelling of glands with stony hardness.Itching without eruption,worse night.

Dose: Sixth to thirtieth potency

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