Thuja occidentalis(Thuj.)

Applicable for following symptoms

Fixed ideas.Music causes weeping and trembling.
Left side headache(Migraine).White and scaly dandruff;hair dry and falling out.Greasy skin of face.
Eyelids agglutinated at night;dry,scaly.Styes and tarsal tumours.
Ears cracking when swallowing,discharge purulent.
Chronic catarrh,green mucous.On blowing the nose,pain in teeth.Ulceration within the nostrils.White blisters on the side close of mouth close to the root,painfully sore.
Complete loss of appetite.Dislike for fresh meat and potatoes.Flatulence after meal.Tea drinker's dyspepsia.Constipation with violent rectal pain.
Frequent micturation accompanying pains.Desire sudden and urgent,but cannot be controlled.
Male - Inflammation of the prepuce and glans;pain in the penis.Gonorrhea.Chronic induration of testicles.
Female - Severe pain in the left ovary and left inguinal region.Menses scanty and retarded.Profuse perspiration before menses.
Dry,hacking cough in thr afternoon.Asthma in children.Chronic laryngitis.
Cracking in joints.PAin in heels and tendo-Achilles.Nails brittle.
Persistent insomnia.
Chill begin in thigh.Sweat only on uncovered parts or all over the body except head when sleeping;profuse,sour smelling like honey.
Eruptions only on civered parts,worse after scratching.Glandular enlargement.Polypi,tubercles,warts,epithelioma,naeva,carbuncles,ulcers,specially in the ano-genital region.
Worse at night,from heat at bed;at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m.,from cold,damp weather,after breakfast,fat,coffee,vaccination.Bettre,left side;while drawing up a limb.

Dose: Locally for warts and excrescences,tincture or cerate.Internally,tincture to thirtieth potency

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