Thirst( Absence of )

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(doses)
With swollen throat Apis mel.30 or 200 4 hourly
Even in high temperature Gelsemium 30 or 200 2 hourly
Even though the mouth is dry Pulsatilla 30 or 200 4 hourly

Thirst( Excessive )

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(doses)
With high temperature and anxiety Aconite nap.30 or 200 2 hourly
For cold drinks;large quantities at a time Bryonia 30 or 200 4 hourly
Due to intake of excessive salt;constipated Natrum mur.30 or 200 4 hourly
Dry mouth and throat,desire for milk Rhus tox.30 or 200 4 hourly
Unquenchable;drinks frequently though little at a time Arsenic alb.30 4 hourly