(Diseases and their treatment with some remarkable cures)

For abbreviations used in this refer Introduction to Bio-chemic Medicines and Treatments


If the patient be worse at night, CR 3x or 12x and S 12x may be added to the formula,if not already there.Often Sil12x acts wonderfully but its action lasts for a few days only; if the patient's condition does not improve in such cases 30x should be given; if its action also lasts for a few days, giv S.200x once a day; then Sil 200 on alternate days and go on; or Sulphur 30 should be given once or twice a day to improve action of Silicea.


(1) Often Silicea 12x alone suffices to, cure the patient, if he is worse at night. MOST WONDERFUL- In every case, the patient should be asked if he is worse at night and if this symptom is well founded Sil 12x alone or mixture of Sil 12x and CP 3x or 12x will often cure miraculously.

(2) If patient is worse in morning or 11 a.m. or is unconscious or there be much saliva or tears, add NM 3x to the formula. NM should be given if patient has strong desire for common salt or has a swollen or puffed up face, if he is sleepy or feels tired or is inclined to weep, if he feels chilly and suffers from cold hands and feet or has a sensation of cold along the spine.

(3) if trouble is worse in winter add to the formula KM 3x NM 3x and S 12x not there.

(4) If trouble is worse in damp weather-add NS 3x to the formula, if not there.

(5) If trouble is worse at specific periods add NM 3x and NS to the formula, if not there.

(6) If trouble is worse in mornings or at 11 a.m. or in afternoons, add NM 3x to the formula if not there. As far as possible formula containing NM should not be given early in morning from 4 a.m to 9 a.m., at 11 a.m. and in the afternoon. The best time to give is 8 a.m., noon, 4 p.m and 8 p.m.

(7) If trouble is worse in evenings, or in warmth or when confined in room and better in cool open air add KS 3x to the formula if not there.

(8) If trouble is worse on change of weather P3x or 12x to the formula if not there.

(9) If trouble is worse on motion - add FP 12x KM 3x and NM3x if not in the formula.

(10) If worse on continuous motion - add KP 3x if not there.

(11) If the patient is old in age, give CP 12x instead of CP 3x in all the formula.

(12) CS and KM may not be mixed in one formula as they often antidote to each other; but this is not important.

(13) If there be improvement, the interval between the doses should be increased.

(14) If there be no improvement or no further improvement after sufficient trial, higher and higher potencies of the various medicines should be given i.e. if 3x fails 6 should be given and then 12x, 30x and 200x or 1000x may be given.

(15) If the patient be suffering from two or more diseases, the formulae for these diseases may be alternated.

(16) Keep ready made mixture of CP 3x, CP 3x, FP 12x, KP 3x, KS 3x, MP 3x, NM 3x, NS 3x and S 12x in a blank phial.

If the formula given above fails, give the above mixture plus KM 3x a sufficient trial and if that also fails give the above mixture plus CS 3x.

(17) If the reader has not got the particular potency recommended here, any other potency may be given if case is serious and the particular potency can not be had easily.

(18) If there be bleeding from any part of the body, NS should not be given to the patient.

(19) CP 3x or 12x is not to be given regularly daily for a long time- This rule, however, is not of much importance.

(20) If patient is worse with motion i.e., the more he moves the worse he is, give Bry.

(21) If patient is worse on first movement but he is better after further movements, as is often the case with cases of rheumatism, Rhus Tox is to be given.

(22) CS should be given, if correct medicines do not act sufficiently. CS improves the action of these medicines.

(23) KS-It is excellent if some skin trouble has been suppressed and if other diseases have cropped up due to suppression of skin troubles.

(24) If other treatments have failed, mixture of all the 12 medicines may be given. This mixtures some times does good after other medicines have failed.
Thereafter mixture of FP 12x and S12x and remaining in 6x potency should be given.

(25) If a disease is very old and serious, after giving 3x and 6x and 12x give 30x and then 200x. If condition be very grave and death be imminent, after 3x, the patient may be given at once medicine in 200x or 200 potencies at very short intervals.

(26) Some patients can not tolerate some innocent things e.g. some get worse if they bathe in water or even touch water, such people may not tolerate some of the salts; their condition sometimes gets worse after taking these medicines; in such cases the medicine should be stopped.

(27) In some rare cases it happens that the prescribed formula does not act, but one of the medicines included in the formula acts.If the formula does not act symptoms of the patient should be seen and compared with the symptoms given in Problems,Symptoms and Remedies By Bio-Chemic Treatments

(28) The patient may be given about 1/2 or 1 grain of the powder of each medicine, one after the other to taste; indicated medicine will be the sweetest; the sweetest should be given full trial if it fails give next sweetest and so on or the sweetest ones may be given mixed together.

(29) If the patient of some disease is also suffering from or had suffered from Syphills or Gonorrhoes which had been suppressed by other systems or there is history of gonnorrhoea or sypghilis in the family it would be better to give formula for Syphilis or Gonorrhoiea for two or three days and then treatment for the disease.

(30)High potency medicine aggravates, low potency of the same medicine should be given as it anti-dotes effect of high potency.

(31) NM or formulae containing NM should as far as possible be not given to the patient in the morning or at 11 a.m. or in afternoon. Best time to give is 8 a.m., noon, 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. But in cases of emergency, it may be given.

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