Symptoms : Firstly  baby cries a lot, not interested in breast feeding , jaws and later on arms ,legs  become stiff, baby convulses and foams from the mouth.
  • If due to acute cold with fever then Aconite 3.
  • Due to injury then Arnica 3.
  • Eyes, Face are red, High fever, hot in head then Belladonna 3.
  • Chattering of jaws with great shivering then Gels 3.
  • Due to indigestion then Nux Vom 6.
  • Due to Grief, anger, emotion then mother and baby both should take Ignatia 6.
  • Important medicine during serious condition Hydrocianicum 6.

    Dose : One or Two drops of liquid medicine in water

Frequency : Maximum Three times a day

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