Terebinthiniae oleum

Applicable for following symptoms

Dull pain.Cold in head with sore nostrils and disposition of epistaxis.
Intense pain in the eye and side of the head.Amblyopia from alcohol.
Talking loudly is painful.Otalgia.
Tongue dry,red and sore.Dentition.Throat choking sensation.
Abdominal pain after every stools.Enormous distention.Diarrhea.Enterocolitis,with haemorrhage and ulceration of the bowels.
Urine scanty,suppressed,odour of violets.Urethritis with painful erections.
Female - Intense burning in the uterine region.
Difficult breathing.Pulse rapid and intermittent.
Burning pain in the region of kidneys.
Heat with violent thirst.Dry tongue.
Acne.Erythema,itching pustular,vesicular eruption.

Dose: First to sixth potency

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