The inability of the female to conceive,due to inadequacy in structure or function of the genital organs is called Sterility

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(doses)
Without any structure change Mandragora 30 4 hourly
When conception does not take place due to white,thick mucilaginous,acid reacting mucous(leucorrhoea),destroying the self mobility of the spermatoza;feels as if warm water was flowing from the vagina.Menses early,painful,profuse or prolonged.Chronic cases of cervix erosion Borax 30 4 hourly
Bio chemic remedy for similar symptoms Natrum phos.6X 4 hourly
To arouse the activity of ovaries and pleasurable feeling,specially in tall,slender and over sensitive woman Phosphorus 200 fortnightly(3)
Inflammation and induration of ovaries;albumen like sharp,excoriating,acid reacting discharge,throbbimg,tearing, and burning pain in the uterus and the ovaries.Sex desire prostrated.Pain and Swellings of breast before and after menses.Dizziness on turning the head to the side. Conium mac.200 fortnightly
In cases of dysmenorrhoea and severe uterine haemorrhage.Neck of the bladder feels as if swollen with intense desire to pass urine Mitchella Q 4 hourly,5 - 7 drops
Cases if scanty of delayed menstruation associated with severe headache and pain in the sacral region;uterine atony Gossypium 4 hourly
Perspiration,sleeplessness anf general weakness after every sexual intercourse.Menses early,profuse and long lasting;profuse,acrid,creamy,leucorrhoea continuing day and night.Fat and flabby patient Calcarea carb.200 or fortnightly(3)
Menses scanty,pale,late and often missing from the months.Constipation,skin unhealthy,slow to heal,tendency to eczema,craking of corner of mouths and eye lids Plumbum met.30 6 hourly
Colic like pain during menstruation radiating towards groins and anus.Stools constipated Graphites 6 hourly
History of repeated abortions.Contraction in the uterus stimulating labor Caulophyllum 30 6 hourly
In cases of functional weakness of the procreative organs;abortion shortly after every conception;membranous dysmenorrhoea Viburnum opulus Q or 6 4 hourly
To tone up the uterus.Bachelor,cutting,pressing,contracting pain partly from the uterus and partly from ovaries;irritability of the bladder;frequent,painful,pressing pain in the neck of the bladder Eupatorium purp.30 4 hourly