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Abdominal pain Abortion Abscesses & Boils Acidity
Acne Addictions Adenoids Albuminuria
Alcholism Allergies Amoebiasis Anaemia
Anger Angina_pectoris Anxiety Aphthae
Apoplexy Appendicitis Appetite Arthritis
Ascites Asphyxia Asthma Aversions
Backache Bad breath Barbers Itch Bed sores
Bed wetting Bereavement Beauty tips Birth marks
Bites Bladder/Urethra Bleeding Blepharitis
Blindness Blisters Blood pressure Body odour
Bone affections Brain affections Breast affections bronchiectasis
Bronchitis Burns Cancer Change of Life
Caries of Teeth Causation-Ailments Cervical spondylosis Chicken pox
Chilbains Children Diseases Cholera Chorea
Coition-Male Cold,Catarrh,Coryza Colic Colitis
Collapse Conjuntivitis Constipation Contact Dermatitis
Convulsions Corns Coronary Thrombosis Cough
Cramps Cravings Croup Cystitis
Dandruff Deafness Dengue Fever Dentition
Diabetes Mellitus Diarrhoea Direction of symptoms Dreams
Dyspepsia Dysentery Dysmenorrhoea Ear
Eczema Emaciation Encephalitis Eosinophilia
Epilepsy Epistaxix Erections affections Eructations
Erysipelas Exposure Eye Fainting
Fatness Fear Fever(simple) Filariasis
Fissure(Anal) Fistula(Ano) Fits Flatulence(Wind)
Food/Drinks Excessive Food Poisoning Foreign body(Skin) Frozen(from cold)
Gait(Walking) Gall Stone(colic) Gangrene Gastroenteritis
Giddiness Glands Ailments Goitre Gonorrhoea
Gout Gums Haematuria Haemorrhoids
Hair Headache Heart affections Hernia
Herpes Zoster Hiccough Hoarseness Hydrocele
Hydrocephalus Hydrophobia Hang over Hay fever
Hypertension Hypotension Hypothyroidism Hysteria
Impotency Injury Indigestion Influenza
Inoculation Insanity Insomnia(sleeplessness) Iritis
Itiching Jaundice Keloids Keratitis
Kidney Labor Lachrymation(Tear) Lactation
Laryngitis Left Sided Remedies Leprosy Leucoderma
Leucorrhoea Leukemia Lice Lumbago
Lupus Malaria Mammary glands Mania
Marasmus Mastoid Process Masturbation(Male) Masturbation(Female)
Measles Meningitis Menopause Menstruation
Mental Derangement Metritis Metrorrhagia Miasms
Migraine Morning Sickness Mouth Ulcers Mumps
Myopia Nails affections Nausea Nephritis
Nervousness Neuralgia(Facial) Neuritis Nightmare
Nose Nymphomania Obesity Occupational Hazards
Oedema Opposite Characteristics Orchitis Osteomyelitis
Otorrhoea Overies affections Pain Palpitation
Pancreas affections Paralysis Peculiar symptoms Peptic Ulcer
Periodicity Peritonitis Phimosis Pharyngitis
Piles(Dry) Pimples Pleurisy Plague
Pneumonia Poisoning Polypus Pre/Post Operation
Pregnancy Ailments Prickly Heat Preventive Remedies Prolapsus
Prostate Gland Pruritus Psoriasis Pterygium
Pulse affections Pyorrhoea Renal Calculi Restlessness
Retina Ailments Rheumatism Rickets Right Side(Remedies)
Ring Worm Sadness Salivation Scabies
Scarlet Fever Sciatica Scars Scurvy
Seminal Emission Sensations Septicaemia Sexual Desire(Male)
Sexual Desire(Female) Sinusitis Skin Disorders Sleep affections
Sleeplessness Slipped Disc Small Pox Sneezing
Snoring Spermatorrhoea Spine affections Spleen Ailments
Spondylosis Sprains Squint Stammering
Sterility Stone Stools affections Stye(eyes)
Sugar in Urine Suicidal Disposition Sun Burn Sun Stroke
Suppressions Sweat affections Syphilis Taste
Tears Teeth affection Tennis Elbow Testicles
Tetanus Thalassemia Thermal Variations Thirst
Throat sore Thrombosis Thyrotoxicosis Time Modalities
Tobacco Craving Tongue Affections Tonsillitis Toothache
Trachoma Travel Sickness Tuberculosis Tumours affections
Typhoid Fever Ulcers affections Unconsciousness Urine affections
Urticaria Uterus affections Vaccination Affections Varicose Veins
Vertigo Vision affections Voice Loss Vomiting
Walking Warts Wax in Ears Weakness
Weeping Wheezing Whitlow Whooping Cough
Worms Writers Cramp Yawning Dryness of mouth


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