Problems,Symptoms and Remedies by Bio-chemic Treatments

It is suggested that the notes mentioned in Therapeutics must be borne in mind while treating each case.To find out the Disease/Symptoms and it's bio-Chemic remedies,Click the appropriate alphabet under which category it falls

A (for Ant) B (for Bus) C (for Car) D (for Doll)
E (for Egg) F (for Fan) G (for Gun) H (for Hat)
I (for Ink) J (for Jug) K (for Kite) L (for Lion)
M (for Money) N (for Nest) O (for Owl) P (for Peacock)
R (for Rat) S (for Snake) T (for Telephone) U (for Umbrella)
V (for Vulture) W (for Watch) Y (for Yacht)

Click above at appropiate alphabet for details

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