A condition characterized by the eruption of circumscribed,discrete and confluent,reddish,silvery scaled maculopapules;the lesions occur pre-eminently on the elbows,knees,scalp and trunk;and microscopically show characteristic parakeratosis and elongation of rete ridges.

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Head remedy(to start the treatment);aversion to take bath;in deep thinking,stoop shouldered patients Sulphur 10M or 50M monthly(3)
Intercurrent remedy;in obstinate and chronic cases Carcinocin 1M or 10M monthly(3)
In cautious,constipated and indecisive individuals;little injury suppurates Graphites 200 or 1M 10 min(3)
Individuals over sensitive to cold and other changes;desire for warmth Hepar sulph.200 or 1M 10 min(3)
With extensive thickening and exfoliation of the skin Hydrocotyle a.200 6 hourly
Worse cold application and better by warmth;burning sensation Arsenic a.0/7 or above 6 hourly
In chronic cases when selected remedy fails;burning and itching Radium brom.200 or above fortnightly(3)