Periodicity(periodical appearance of symptoms)

The remedies which have special periodic affinity have been given here.The detailed description of such remedies are given under the different ailments,only main remedies are mentioned here.

Period Remedy
Annually Tarentula h.
Every spring Crotalus h.
Eighth day Iris v.
Regularly Rhus tox.
Whole night Syphilinum
Whole day Medorrhinum
Worse every winter;skin cracked Petroleum
Cough every morning Alumina
Diarrhoea on rising;9 A.M. Natrum sulph.
Diarrhoea at 5 A.M.;morning aggravation Sulphur
Worse after midnight;fourth day Arsenic alb.
Worse 2 - 4 A.M. Kali carb.
Worse 3 - 5 A.M.;same hour Kali bich.
Worse,8 - 11 A.M. Natrum mur.
Worse,6 - 7 P.M.;profuse urination Bryonia alb.
Complaints returns at regular intervals;evening;warmth Pulsatilla
Complaints returns at regular intervals;third day,twenty-first day;fever China sulph.
Complaints return at regular intervals;seventh day,morning Sulphur
Complaints return at regular intervals;tenth day Phosphorus
Complaints return at regular intervals;fourteenth day;after sleep Lachesis
Complaints return at regular intervals;twenty eighth day Nux vomica