Mouth Ulcer

  • Sometimes white coloured small boils are seen in baby's mouth or body, then it turns to black Colour before it bursts. After it bursts the spot turns yellowish,then Viola-Tricolor 3. If it fails then Rux tox 6.
  • Specially inside mouth or on body then Borex 3X. If it fails then Marc sol 6.
  • Ulcer inside mouth becomes blackish then Sikeli 3.
  • Any type of mouth ulcers with foul smell,bloody discharge etc then Merc sol 6. If this does not improve then Ars alb 6.
  • Due to intake of  mercury then Nitric acid 6.
  • During teething Calcarea carb 6 or Chamomilla 6.
  • If above medicine do not improve then main medicine is Sulphur 30.

Dose : One or Two drops of liquid medicine in water

Frequency : Maximum Three times a day

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