Menopause(Change of life)

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Aversion to bathing;tiresome,loosing weight;hot and itchy feeling Sulphur 200 4 hourly(3)
Melancholic,irritable and talkative patient.Burning sensation all over the body.Cannot bear touch even of clothes.Dark coloured haemorrhage.Distressing headache,palpitaion and haemorrhoids.Worse after sleep Lachesis 200 or 1M weekly(3)
Weeping disposition;changeable temper;hot perspiration in close and warm room;loss of thirst;desire for open,cold air Pulsatilla 200 or 1M weekly(3)
Tired feeling due to over work;pale,flabbu,relaxed and chilly patient Calcarea carb.200 or 1M weekly(3)
Tall,thin,easily depressed patient;dislikes sympathy.Bearing down pains,haemorrhage with prolapsus of uterus;leucorrhoea with dyspepsia or constipation.Hot flushes;tendency to faint Sepia 200 or 1M weekly(3)
Small bones is painful in morning with acidity;dirty coated tongue;filthy taste and bad breath;pallore and chilliness;worse in cold weather.Facial neuralgia due to suppression of leucorrhoea;better sea side Medorrhinum 200 or 1M weekly(3)
Rheumatism of muscles of the back and soreness of neck.Violent headache;patient feels as if top of the head is torn off Actaea racemosa 30 4 hourly
Physical symptoms disappear as mental symptoms develop.Arrogant and proud patient;contempt for others.Excessive bleeding of dark clotted blood with pain in ovaries.Nymphomania Platina 200 or 1M weekly(3)