Progressive proliferation of abnormal leukocytes found in hemo tissues,other organs,and usually in the blood in increased numbers;occuring due to acute infection;with severe anaemia,haemorrhages and slight enlargement of lymph nodes or the spleen is known as Leukemia.
For Homoeopathic treatment find the suitable remedy based on the tatality of the symptoms of the sick.
Arsenic alb.,Arsenic iod.,Calcarea iod.,Calcarea phos.,China off.,Ferrum phos.,Ceanothus,Natrum mur.,Natrum sulph.,Ocimum sanc.,Phosphorus,Bacillinum,Malaria off.,Ocimum can.,Tuberculinum.Sulphur,Syphilinum,Radium brom.,Medorrhinum and Carcmocin,etc. are the main remedies.
The treatment should be under an expert Homoeopath.