Left sided remedies

Medicines which have special affinity to the left sided organs of the body have been given here.For repetition,etc,see actaul ailments accordingly

Symptoms/Problems Remedy
Affect left arm,left leg,left sided abdomen,etc. Asafoetida 30 or 200
Pain from left side of stomach through to the back Alstonia 30 or 200
Symptoms appear to the left side and then right Benzoic acid.30 or 200
Left sided complaints - stitches in spleen Bellis perennis 30 or 200
Oedema of left hand and foot Cactus g.30 or 200
Left sided sciatica,following influenza Iris versicolor 30 or 200
sweating mostly on left side Jaborandi 30 or 200
Left sided intercostal neuralgia with numbness of the whole left arm Kalmia lat.30 or 200
Left sidede rheumatism;sharp pains through the lower lobe of left lung Oxalic acid.30 or 200
Left half of the face red and hot whereas right half is cold and pale Paris quadrifolia 30 or 200
Left sided symptom;worse 3 P.M. Thuja o.c.30 or 200
Paroxysmal neuralgias mostly on the left side though the sciatica is right sided Colocynth.30 or 200
Neuralgias about the abdomen;worse left side Nux vomica 30 or 200
Left sided pains Colchicum 30 or 200
Left infra-mammary pains suggesting ovarion troubles Cimicifuga 30 or 200
Left sided throat complaints;diphtheria,sore throat,ulceration etc. Merc-bin-iod.30
Left sided headache;neuralgia of the fifth nerve Spigelia 30 or 200
Left sided throat complaints Lachesis 30 or 200