Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(doses)
Profuse flow of milk;breasts inflammated,red,hot,swollen,tender,at times stony hard;face flushed;skin hot and dry Belladonna 30 or 200 4 hourly
Copious flow of watery milk;refused by infant;or milk scanty with distended breasts;patient chilly,aversion to cold air;pale,flabby,weak,apt to perspire,specially on head at night Calcarea carb.200 4 hourly(3)
Diminished secretion of milk;decrease in size of breasts;feels very depressed and despondent;very thirsty Lac def.30 or 200 6 hourly
Flow of milk excessive;nipples extremely sore,nursing painful,pain radiates all over the body;breasts hard,lumpy,possibly due to formation of pus Phytolacca d.30 4 hourly
Milk scanty;nursing painful,pains extend to chest,neck and back;or continued secretion of milk after weaning and breasts feel stretched,tense and sore;mild,and tearful patient;aversion to stuffy heat and desire for air Pulsatilla 30 or 200 4 hourly
Milk suppressed;discharge of blood from nipples when attempts to nurse the infant;child refuses milk or vomits after feed;breasts inflammated,deep red in center and rose coloured elsewhere breasts hard and sensitive to touch Silicea 30 or 200 4 hourly