Introduction to Bio-Chemic Medicines and Treatments


To Dr. W.H.Schuessler, a German Physician, goes the credit of discovering the Biochemic system of treatment in its present form. The Doctor analysed the ashes of dead bodies and found that they contained 12 compounds called salts.

Their names are given below, with their abbreviations with which they would be described, to save space:-

1. Calcium Flouride (CF)

2. Calcium Phosphate (CP)

3. Calcium Sulphate (CS)

4. Ferrum Phosphate (FP)

5. Kali Muriaticum (Potassium Chloride ) (KM)

6. Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium Phosphate) (KP)

7. Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate) (KS)

8. Magnesium Phosphoricum (MP)

9. Natrum Muriaticum (Sodium Chloride-Common Salt) (NM)

10. Natrum Phosphoricum (NP)

11. Natrum Sulphuricum (NS)

12. Silicea (S)

An idea entered the mind of the Doctor that it was possible that a deficiency in any of the "Salts" might be responsible for disease and that if the deficiency therein be supplied, the patient might be cured. He worked upon the idea and evolved the theory that a man falls ill because deficiency takes place in one of the salts in the system and if the deficient salt is supplied the man would be cured.

It is to be noted that the deficiency must be supplied with the requisite salt not in crude state but in potentised form (which shall be explained in next paragraph). Take for instance, common salt (Natrum Mur-NM). We take it in crude form in our meals daily but it has practically no curative properties but the same common salts in potentised form is a most wonderful remedy. It cures delirium, it removes exhaustion and prevents heart failure, cures heat stroke and sun-stroke (Loo) etc.


Take for instance 1 grain of pure common salt and add 9 grains of sugar of milk and grind them thoroughly in a mortar with pestle for a long time; the result is the first decimal potency of Natrum Mur. It is described as Natrum Mur 1x. Similarly if we take I grain of Natrum Mur 1x and grind it with 9 grains of sugar of milk in a similar manner, we get Naturm Mur 2x; and so on, we get Naturm Mur 6x, 8x, 12x, 30x and 200x (these are the potencies generally used in Bio-chemic treatment). It should be noted that, there is no difference bettween NM Homoeopathic and NM Biochemic.

If instead of taking 9 grains of sugar of milk we were to take each time 99 grains thereof we would get centicimal potencies viz. Natrum Nur 1c,2c,3c,6c etc.etc. Recently "C" has been dropped and they are mentioned as Natrum Mur 1,2,3,6,12,30,200,1000 etc.etc.

These potencies are prepared by the dealers and the reader will have nothing to do with their preparation. They are generally kept in I dram phials; we have to order the firms to supply, for instance, I dram of Naturm Mur 3x or 3 and they would send a small phial containing I dram of the powder (which is also called trituration). The medicines are also sold in the shape of pills, (called globules) or tablets or liquids (called tinctures) but the most convenient and chapest form is the powder form and people mostly uses the medicines in that form. The name of the medicine is printed on the cork and on a lable on the phial.

These medicines if kept in a box free from strong heat or smell will keep good for 10 or 15 years.


Dr. Schuessler and other writers recommended 2 grains to 5 grains of the powder per dose for the adult and the same dose for children as for adults.

However, it is also seen that if 1/2 or 1 grain of the powder (single medicine) is dissolved in 4 ozs. of water (preferably luke warm) and one tea-spoonful is given every 2 or 3 hours in chronic cases and every few minutes in serious fatal diseases like Cholera, it is generally even more efficacious than the same given in powder form. The same would apply to mixtures (or combinations) of Biochemic medicines-only 1/2 or 1 grain of the mixture or combination is to be taken and mixed with 4 ozs. And given as above; for those who find it inconvenient to take water solution, a little powder (about 1/2 or 1 grain) may be given and 10 or 15 blank pills may be put in it; 1 pill thereof will be dose.An ounce of the blank pills may also therefore be kept by the reader.

In the above way efficacy is increased while at the same time there is saving in the medicine which has made this system incredibly cheap. In some rare cases, however, quantity tells; so if the water solution does not do good, give the medicine in powder form, about 1 or 2 grains a doze. Some people ask what is the difference fbetween Biochemic Silicia or Nat. Mur and Homoeopathic Silicia or Nat. Mur etc. The reply is that there is no difference at all. The same medicine is used in both the systems. Both 12x and 12 are used in both the systems.

The reader may please note that I dram phial contains 60 grains of the powder and this would give an idea or what 1 grain means.

Some people find it inconvenient to dissolve the powder in water. For such people, 15 or 20 blank sugar pills may be put in the powder and given to the patient who should take one pill, for a dose.

Strong smell and strong heat should be avoided; the medicine should not be kept in Sun or near strong smell. The box should remain closed.


Generally all the 12 salts (except FP and S) act best in 3x potency. FP and S should, however, be used in 12x potency. CP 3x should be given to young people and CP 12x to very old and very weak people.

The above named potencies should be used in the begining. If they do not act at all or act for sometimes and improve the condition of the patient to some extent beyond which no further improvement takes place, higher potencies should be used i.e., instead of 3x, 6x should be used; thereafter, if necessary, 12 x and then 30x potency may be given 2 or 3 times daily; though in serious cases like Cholera the dose may be given every few minutes.

Problems,Symptoms and Remedies by bio chemic Treatments deals with Therapeutics i.e. diseases, short description thereof and their treatment.For details click the above link.

Since several medicines are to be mixed, it would be more convenient to have ready-made mixtures as-it would save time spent in mixing medicines each time. For this the reader should take a new sheet of paper without any printed or typed or written matter, and take equal quantities say about 3 or 4 grains of each of the requisite medicines and mix the whole thoroughly with a clean stress or fine twig or glass rod and keep the resultant powder (mixture) in a new 1 dram phial and write on the cork the name of the disease, e,g, Cholera; when a patient, say of Cholera, turns up, all that is necessary is to take 1/2 or 1 grain of the resultant powder (or mixture) give it to the patient to be mixed in 4 ozs. (or 2 chataks) of water to be taken, a teaspoonful being the dose. If a poor man has no teaspoon let him sip small quantities. It is recommended to the readers to purchase 30 or 40 blank phials to keep ready-made important combinations for daily use.It may be pointed out again that a dram phial contains 60 grains of the powder.

Note - Approximately equal quantities of medicines are to be mixed, if some are more and some are less there is no harm.

It would not be out of place to mention that these medicines can also be given to patients who insist on continuing Allopathic or other treatment (though it would be better if the other treatment is discontinued) for the biochemic medicine would supply the deficiency and cure but there is some danger of the effect thereof being destroyed by the strong medicines of other systems.

There may be some interval, say half an hour or ten minutes between the doses of the Biochemic and those of other medicine though even 1 minute or 1/2 minute or less my suffice in emergencies.

It would be better, if the patient avoids things like medicated soaps, medicated oils, strong smelling things and raw onions. Betel(pan) also should be avoided as it contains lime; at least there should be an itnerval of 5 or 10 minutes, if possible, before or after the medicine.


Occasions do arise in the life of every one of us when we or our relations or dependants fall ill and we have to go out to call a doctor, who is sometimes not available, or we may be on a journey where no doctor is available. On such occasions our worry can better be imagined than described, while the patient is suffering agony without medical aid. On such occasions, we fell that it would have been better if we had learnt sufficient medicial science to render first aid.

In this site,the reader will find the names of the diseases and their treatment. It is necessary, therefore, that the reader should know symptoms of particular diseases so that he may know what disease his patient is suffering from to enable him to prescribe correctly.This site has tried to explain some symptoms of most diseases in Problems,Symptoms and Remedies By Bio Chemic Treatments(Click here).

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