Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Changing moods;laughing and crying alternately Ignatia 200 or 1M 10 min(3)
Due to sudden suppression of discharge Asafoetida 200 4 hourly(3)
Jaws clenched;psychic causes of disease;ill effects of grief,fright,anger,etc Natrum mur.200 4 hourly(3)
Breath suddenly arrested;worse ascending;disfunction of pituitary and thyroid gland Calcarea carb.200 or 1M 10 min(3)
With forward jerking of head;fainting fits Nux mosch.30 or 200 6 hourly
Deep stupor;attempt to run away;obscene,lascivious mania;patient uncovers body Hyoscyamus 200 4 hourly