Any condition in which the urine contains blood or red blood cells;(haemorrhage in urinary system can be due to infections,etc.)is called Haematuria.The haemorrhage can be from kidney,ureter,bladder or urethra.So the cause or source should be looked first and the treatment should be given accordingly.

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
In the beginning;flow of bright red blood,with fever and anxiety Aconite 30 or 200 2 hourly
Due to mechanical injury and infection;bruised pain in the urinary passage Arnica 30 or 200 4 hourly(3)
When due to haemorrhage from kidney;coffee-ground like sediments in urine;pressure in the bladder extending upto kidney Terebinth Q 3 hourly,5 - 7 drops
With red sediments in the urine;due to haemorrhage from kidney,bladder or urethra Ocimum can.30 or 200 4 hourly
With dark,thick,brick dust sediments in urine;retention of urine;at times this medicine replace the use of cathetor Thlaspi b-p.Q 4 hourly,5 -7 drops
When urine contains bright red blood;constant nausea,tongue clean Ipecac Q or 30 3 hourly
Without pain or any other discomfort;accompanied by sub normal temperature China-sulph.30 4 hourly
Patient faints due to excessive haemorrhage;but desires to be fanned;blood dark,clotted China off.Q or 6 1/2 hourly
Blood bright red,clotted;comes out suddenly in gushes Erigeron Q 3 hourly,5 - 7 drops
With burning pain before,during and after urination;more after drinking water;urine comes drop by drop Cantharis 30 4 hourly
When due to over indulgence of wine and spirituous drinks;or sudden check of the piles;backache and smarting pain in urethra;chilly patient Nux vomica 30 4 hourly
Bloody urine with burning sensation;pain in kidney and liver region.Patient craves for icy cold drinks Phosphorus 30 or 200 4 hourly