Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
To start the treatment (also intercurrent) Tuberculinum k.1M or 10M fortnightly(6)
With a sensation of splinters piercing into the anus;foul smelly discharge Acid-nit.30 or 200 weekly(3)
Rectum feels as if full of broken glasses;burns for hours after passing stools Ratanhia 6 or 30 6 hourly
Fissure due to severe constipation;hard stools with mucous Graphites 30 or 200 6 hourly
Constant smartness in the anus all the time;with much oozing Paeonia Q or 30 4 hourly
Fissure due to dryness of all the mucous membranes of the body;watering from mouth or watering from nose or eyes Natrum mur.30 4 hourly
Stools come down with difficulty,with spasm of splinters,when partly expelled recedes back Silicea 12X or 30 4 hourly
Marked redness around anus with constant burning and urging to pass stools Sulphur 30 or 200 6 hourly