Epistaxis(Bleeding from nose)

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Head remedy,Bleeding worse by slightest motion(specially beneficial for young esters) Bryonia Q 3 hourly,5 - 6 drops
Bleeding easy and passive;worse blowing the nose;blood do not coagulate easily;thirst for icy cold drinks/water Phosphorus 200 weekly(3)
Blood bright red;nausea;tongue clean Ipecac 6 or 30 1/2 hourly(3)
Blood dark in colour;do not coagulate easily;worse while washing face or hands Ammonium carb.30 4 hourly
With redness of face;rush of blood towards head Belladonna 30 or 200 1/2 hourly
Persistent bleeding(repeated);burning pains and irritability Arsenic alb.30 6 hourly
Epistaxis at menopause Lachesis 30 or 200 4 hourly(3)
Blood dark and clotted;bleeding so profuse that it causes fainting and ringing in ears;patient wants to be fanned China 30 1/2 hourly
Due to relaxation of capillaries;puffiness of the body;worse at night and morning Bovista 30 4 hourly
Epistaxis with bright red blood;aggravates from heat of sun;after coughing Cynadon dactylon Q or 6 3 hourly

For External use:
Any one of Ficus relig.Q.Trillium p.Q,Hamamelis Q or Millefolium Q,10 - 15 drops should be poured on an ice soaked cotton plug and apply on and in the nostrils.