Chattering of teeth and then getting stuck to each other                                         
  • If the cause is due to some accident then Arnica 3.
  • If due to cold then Aconite 3.
  • If due to weakness of nerves then China 6.
  • If due to indigestion then Nux Vom 3.
  • If due to Haemorrhoage( Blood discharge ) then Haemamelis 1X.
  • If the cause is mainly due to accident then Hipericum 1X.
  • If reasons are due to injury,worms,main symtoms are cutting of teeth,chronic skin diseases, specially epileptic patients then Aconite 3.
  • Convulsions due to injury specially the patient has a shock ( fever, unable to remain quiet , excessive thirst are the symptoms ) then Aconite 3.
  • Face,eyes are red,stiffness of arms and legs,jump with fright,while asleep then Belladonna 6.
  • Convulsion during teething of the baby then Chamomilla 6 or Cicuta 30.
  • Due to worms then Bryonia 30.
  • After suppression of Skin disease then Sulphur 30.

    Dose : One or Two drops of liquid medicine in water

Frequency : Maximum Three times a day

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