Cold and Cough

  • Fever with cough and cold ( at initial stage) Aconite 3.
  • Dry cough, chest pain, constipation then Bryonia 3.
  • Rattling in throat, vomiting of phelgm then Antim tart 6.
  • Excessive vomiting of phelgm then Ipecac 6.
  • Blocked nose, unable to breast feed then Nux Vom 6.
  • Hoarse sound while talking,as if breath is being stopped. Skin feels dry and hot. Excessive thirst and unable to sit quietly. - First Aconite 3X every 10 mins , later Spongia 3X to be used. when fever and cough recedes a bit use Hepar sulph 6.
  • If excessive force is needed to cough then Sambucus 1X.
  • If baby tends to vomit due to excessive cough then Ipecac 3X.
  • Feeling of tiredness along with rattling in throat Antim tart 6.
  • Asthma : Best remedies are Ipecac 3X and Ars alb 6.
  • Bronchitis : Fever,Cough and chest pain are main symptoms  In case of fresh disease then Aconite 3X, Bryonia 3 . In Case of cronic disease then Antim tart 6.                            
  • Pneumonia : In case of fresh disease then Aconite 3X, Phosphorus 6 and Ferum phos 6X.
  • Breathing Problem : If baby suddenly feel breathing problem then Sambucus 1X or Spongia 3.

Dose : One or Two drops of liquid medicine in water

Frequency : Maximum Three times a day

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