Cholera is an acute infectious disease caused by the Bacillus Vibrio Cholerae. The spread of disease is through water or contaminated food.In the beginning there is diarrhoea which becomes watery and become profuse very soon.There is sudden loss of fluids.Acute vomiting,weak pulse,blood pressure falls down, urine becomes scanty.If not managed properly patient may die due to loss of fluid.

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Prophylatic remedy Cuprum met.200 and Verat alb.200 alternate weekly throughout an epidemic
Head remedy;when body becomes cold with internal chill Camphor Q or 30 1/2 hourly
Desire for cold drinks - violent colic,specially around naval.Patients feels as if anus remains wide open after passing stools phosphorus 30 or 200 1/2 hourly
Stools - white like rice water;cold sweating and uncontrollable retching with drawing and cramps in the fingers Verat-alb.30 1/2 hourly
When deathly nausea and cold sweat persists Tabacum 30 1/2 hourly
Body cold and bluish.Spasmodic diarrhoea,spasms starts from lower extremities and spread to upper extremeties,muscles of abdomen and chest Cuprum met.30 1/2 hourly
Large,yellow,greenish,offensive stools Podophyllum 30 1/2 hourly
Burning sensation all over the body;restlessness,difficulty in breathing.Rapid onset of collapse.Thrist for small quantities of water at frequent intervals Arsenic alb.30 1/2 hourly
When vomiting stops but diarrhoea continues;extremities icy cold but patient does not want to cover him.More retching than vomiting Secale cor.30 1/2 hourly
When body becomes cold;respiration weak and laboured;patient desires to be fanned Carbo veg.30 1/2 hourly
When cholera symptoms are associated with loud,violent and deathly hiccough Cicuta v.30 1/2 hourly

Cholera Infantum

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Complaints with cough;stools golden yellow;patient craves for icy cold drinks Phosphorus 30 1/2 hourly
When there is marked sour smell in stools Rheum 30 1/2 hourly
When there is frequent thirst for small quantity of water.Vomiting with frequent and watery stools;restlessness Arsenic alb.30 1/2 hourly