Dear viewers,this View is not available on NET,However,you can click alphabet A,B,T,U,V,W,X,Y or Z for sample view and your appreciation .For viewing each and every details,You have to possess our CD and please read below.

Why to purchase this CD ?

Reasons are as follows:

1. You will possess the Encyclopedia of Homoeopathic and Bio-chemic treatment at click of the mouse! This is an asset to your collection.
2. You may refer instantly - You do not have to depend on INTERNET CONNECTION or any books containing thosand and thousand of pages.
3. Server Failure is totally eliminated.
4. Total Details are not available in NET.Only sample viewings are available in NET.In CD you will get the following exhaustive details:

# About 4500 Problems/symptoms and its solution/remedies by Homoeopathic medicine.(You name any problem/any disease -- it is there).
# Complete Comprehensive Materia Medica of about 1400 Homoeopathic Medicines
# Relationship among homeopathic medicines i.e. complementary,antidotes etc.
# Readymade solutions for all types of Children diseases including problems related to New Born Babies.
# Remedies of about all diseases (ever possible diseases)by Bio-chemic medicines.
# Remedies for diseases in Indian Desi Method(Ancient and proven methods on case to case basis).

5. Finally You can become self-made doctor for your family and friends.

So,What are you waiting for ?

For possessing this CD,You have to send a Demand Draft in the name of "ANKITARA INFOTECH",payable at DELHI,

a. For Resident-Indian, this is RS.7000 /-(Including courier expenses for delivering the CD at your address).
b. For Resident - Outside India, this is US $ 250 (including courier expenses for delivering the CD at your address)

This is an introductory Offer,valid for limited period and initial purchasers.The above rates are likely to change anytime.

You are requested to send your requirement at following email:

Ankitara Infotech

E-Mail :

You will get your CD at your door step within a week's time of receipt of Demand Draft.

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