Brain(Affections of)

Symptoms/Problems Remedy
Anaemia of brain Tabacum 30 or 200
Inflammation of brain Arum triph.30 or 200
Injury of brain or after effects of brain Natrum sulph.200 or above
Paralysis of brain;brain fag Zincum met.30 or 200
Tumors of brain Plumbum met.30 or 200
Inflammation of brain due to injury Ruta g.30 or 200
Brain fag due to excessive mental work Kali phos 6X or 30
Dread of making any mental effort;chilly patient Silicea 12X or 30
Atrophy of brain after nervous tension or fright Phosphorus 30 or 200
Affections of brain occuring in infants during attack of cholera Nux Mosch.30 or 200