Bed Wetting

  • Due to nervous tension, worms the bladder is incapable of retaining urine and baby passes urine in sleep.
  • If it is due to worms then Cina 2X or 200.
  • Incapable of retaining urine in day or night then Gels 3X.
  • Unconsciously urine passing in sleep then Belladonna 6.
  • Baby passes urine in bed at night then Causticum 6.
  • Baby passes urine in bed at daytime then Ferrum Phos 6.
  • Due to nervous weakness kali phos 6.
  • If foul smell in urine( specially acidic smell ) then Benzoic acid 3X or Nitric acid 30.

Dose : One or Two drops of liquid medicine in water

Frequency : Maximum Three times a day

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