Bed wetting(Enuresis)

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Bed wetting immediately after sleep;patient chilly Sepia 200 10 min(3)
Unconsciously;during first part of night Causticum 30 or 200 4 hourly(3)
In nervous patients when Causticum fails Gelsemium 30 4 hourly
In fat and flabby children;perspires easily,prone to catch cold Calcarea carb.200 or 1M weekly(3)
Bed wetting,worse after measles;hot patient;changeable disposition,thirstlessness and desire for open air Pulsatilla 30 or 200 4 hourly(6)
Urine of low specific gravity,strong smelling,wet the bed several times during sleep Acid-benz.3 or 6 4 hourly
Weeting the bed in deep sleep with dreams of urinating at proper places;caries of teeth Kreosote 30 or 200 4 hourly(6)
Habitual bed wetting with dreams or nightmares Equisetum 30 4 hourly
Wetting the bed during fool moon.When selected remedy fails;psoric patient Psorinum 200 or 1M weekly(3)
Patient wakes up after wetting the bed in dreams Lac caninum 200 weekly(3)
Due to strangury(urine dribbles drop by drop with tenesmus and pain) Magnetics pol-austral 200 weekly(3)
Involuntary urination during sleep;fear of being alone,apprehensive Lycopodium 30 or 200 10 min(3)
Bed wetting due to worms Cina 30 or 200 4 hourly