Asphyxia(Apparent death)

We know that individuals sometimes to all appearances suddenly expire,when infact there is but a mere suspension of animation;and in as much as absolute and sudden death frequently occurs when it might be mistaken for a suspension of the kind.In all such cases where there is least uncertainty to excercise the greatest care - we should not do anything that may cause death and should not interfere untill certain of putrefaction.

Apparent death may be a result of:
1. From Hunger
2. From falling or an injury
3. From lightning
4. From drowning
5. From suffocation due to inhaling noxious vapours,chemicals,etc.
6. From cold or being frozen
7. From long continued or sudden ailment
8. From sunstroke,etc.

1. From Hunger:

When an individual has been without food since long and animation has become suspended inconsequence,warm milk should be given repeatedly,in the beginning it may be given drop by drop and gradually increased to a tea spoonful;after short interval a small quantity of wine and beef tea or Avena sat.Q 10 -15 drops in warm water; when animation has been restored and patient has had been a sound sleep,small quantity of food can be given.The food may given at short intervals(but little at a time) and the patient should return to normal mode of living slowly.

2. From falling or an injury:

When the result is after a fall or injury the patient should be carefully placed upon a bed in a quiet place with his head keeping high and he should be given Arnica mont.200 (few doses)repeatedly every haif an hour or so.Arnica can be given orally or it can be rubbed on the skin also.

3. From lightning:

When the result is due to lightning the patient should be kept in open air and cold water should be showered upon face,neck and chest;warm water friction should be applied if the body is cold. Artificial respiration should be given if required.

4. From drowning:

When the result is because of drowning,the patient should be stripped and rubbed,and the body should be wrapped in warm clothes and should be kept in warm place.Throat,mouth and nostrils should be cleaned.Warmth should be applied to the spine,hot water bottle,etc should be used. The soles and feet of the patient should be rubbed constantly.Artificial respiration should be given.Lachesis 30 or 200 or any other indicated remedy can be given frequently.

5. From suffocation due to inhaling noxious vapours,chemicals etc.:

When the result is from inhaling poisonous gases,carbon-di-oxide,etc,the patient should be kept in open and artificial respiration should be given immediately.Carbo-veg.30 or 200 should be given repeatedly.Some times in cases of coal gas poisoning the face of the patient looks pinkish and thus he looks in best of health,which at times mislead and is very dangerous.
In cases of complete unconsciousness Opium 200 or 1Mshould be used.If the body of the patient is cold then the patient should be surrounded with warm clothes.Hot water etc, may be used.

6. From cold or being frozen:

When animation becomes suspended in consequence of exposure to cold the patient should be gently removed to a place of shelter or cool room as a moderate degree of heat might prove an obstacle to restoration so he should be exposed to a draught of air.
The patient may be covered with snow keeping his mouth and nostrils free in such a position that the melted snow may run off easily.The same process can be renewed.If snow is not available then then a bath in icy cold water can be substitued.The body should be immersed for a short time only and then should be covered with wet clothes covering with dry blankets.As the animation returns,the patient should be handled carefully.
Carbo veg.200,Arsenic alb.200 or Veratrum alb.200 can be given according to symptoms,half yearly.

7. From long continued or sudden ailments:

Treat according to the symptoms(see different ailments).

8. From sunstroke:

If the result is due to sunstroke(prolonged exposure to the sun) the patient should be kept in a dark,shady and quiet place and the clothes should be loosened.A wet cloth(wet in hot water) should be wrapped around the head changing it frequently and whole body should be sponged with warm water simultaneously.Glonoine 6 or 30(few doses) should be given repeatedly.Glonoine can be given orally or it can be rubbed on the skin.Saline water,glucose or electrol powder should be given frequently in small quantities at a time.