Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
To start the treatment Baptisia CM 1 dose only
Severe pain in the ileocecal region;worse even with slight touch Iris tenax 1M 2 hourly(3)
Sudden severe pain;patient cannot bear even slightest pressure on the effected lesion Belladonna 30 or 200 15 min(6)
Stitching pain; worse from slightest motion,even from breathing; better while lying quietly on painful-right side. Bryonia Q 2 hourly,5 -10 drops
Pain worse during rest and better while moving Rhus tox 30 or 200 2 hourly(6)
While sepsis starts;chill,diarrhoea,restlessness,anxiety and sudden sinking of strength;stitching pain with inflammation Arsenic alb 200 or 1M 10 min(3)
When pain is better by bending backwards.Bowels filled with gas;gripping and twisting pain Dioscorea 30 or 200 1/2 hourly(3)
Whole abdomen sensitive;stitching pain from the point of inflammation radiating to backwards and downwards to the thigh;can not bear even touch of clothes on effected parts Lachesis 200 10 min(3)
Pain severe and intolerable;even slightest exposure to cold or touch aggravates.Patient chilly. Hepar sulph 200 or 1M 15 min(3)
Pain worse while lying on right side.Profuse sweat which does not relieve Mercurius sol.200 15 min(3)