Aphthae(see Mouth Ulcers also)

Small white spots often associated with small ulcerations on the mucous membrane of the mouth seen in thrush,spure,or with vincent's infection;though usually caused by a virus or fungus;they may occur after enteric use of broad spectrum antibiotics,etc.

Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Painful,whitish blister in the mouth;bleeds easily Borax 30 3 hourly
Painful blisters with foul smell from the mouth;excessive saliva;excessive thirst with moist mouth Mercurius sol.30 3 hourly
Severe;painful blisters,Saliva acrid and offensive Acid-nit 30 4 hourly
With fetid,sour smell from the mouth;sordes on the teeth and gums;glands swollen Acid-mur 30 4 hourly
Aphthae with swollen tongue and profuse salivation;gums bleed easily;pyorrhoea Acid-sulph 30 4 hourly
Aphthae with burning blisters;marked prostration and restlessness;unquenchable thirst,sips water frequently Arsenic alb.30 4 hourly
severe aphthae with rawness and burning;gums swollen,spongy - bleeds easily;swelling of tongue.Patient feels worse after sleep Lachesis 30 4 hourly
Aphthae;stomatitis;tongue yellowish coated,large and flabby with imprints of teeth;constipation Hydrastis can 30 4 hourly

External Use:

(1) Borax mixed with honey
(2) Hydrastis can Q in one (1) part and Glycerine in nine(9) parts (mixed together) gives good results.
(3) In severe cases Echinacea Q can be used for mouth wash(5 to 7 drops in half a glass of luke warm water).

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