Symptoms/Problems Remedy Frequency(Doses)
Anger when misunderstood;before convulsion Bufo rana 200 or 1M 10 min(3)
Anger worse from condratiction; when forced to answer Nux vomica 200 or 1M 10 min(3)
Anger violent;strikes friends and attendants Tarentula h.200 or 1M weekly(3)
Anger easy;quarrelsome,obstinate and irritable person Kali carb.200 or 1M weekly(3)
Anger with trembling,irritable,hateful,vindictive and head strong person Acid-nit.200 or 1M weekly(3)
Anger on small matters,grandular affections and thyroid enlargement at puberty Calcarea iod.200 10 min(3)
Anger; violent fits;faints and falls down Moschus 200 10 min(3)
Angereary;obstinate temperament;malignaucies Carcinocin 200 or 1M weekly(3)
Anger easy,hard to please;quarrelsome Hepar sulph.1M weekly(3)
Anger easy;irritable and obstinate person;feels better in open,cold places Kali sulph.200 10 mins(3)
Anger with coition;obstinate;fat and flabby person calcarea carb.200 or 1M weekly(3)
Anger during pregnency Nux Moscheta.200 or 1M 10 min(3)
Anger;impulse violent;wants to kill iodium 1M weekly(3)
Anger;bad temperament,angry without reasons;never smiles or enjoys Tuberculinum k.1M weekly(3)
Anger; irritatable; abusive and cruel person Kali iod.1M weekly(3)
Anger,with changeable moods,repents afterwards Crocus sat.200 10 mins(3)
Wrong things make angry;oversensitive Staphysagria 1M weekly(3)
Quarrels with colleagues and teachers though easily frightened;wants attention Phosphorus 200 or 1M weekly(3)
Anger in children;desires some new things(like a toy,etc)frequently and refuses it when given;changeable moods Chamomilla 200 or 1M 10 min(3)
Indifferent to family members,children and loved ones;worse before menses Sepia 200 weekly(3)